Saudi Muslim Cleric: Phys-Ed Will Turn Girls Into Prostitutes

"It went on to say that the girls might become attracted to each other"


I don't follow the logic, but with Islamic law, there usually isn't any logic. Just emotional venting, fear of the other and paranoia about every other living creature on earth.

So sure. The Jews are sending spy eagles to Saudi Arabia. The Buddhists are plotting Muslim genocide. And phys ed will turn women into prostitutes.

It doesn't have to make sense. It's just Islam. All it has to do is hate.

As a policy advisory council debates whether to allow physical education classes for girls in Saudi public schools, some hardline Islamic clerics are warning against the reform, with one saying sports instruction could lead to “infidelity and prostitution.”

“If we keep silent about the step of adding PE classes to girls’ schools then we are giving the Shoura Council a green light to continue the steps of Westernization and these steps will end in infidelity and prostitution,” Abdullah Al Dawood tweeted according to the Wall Street Journal.

Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council, which advises the government on policy, voted 92-18 on Tuesday to instruct the Education Ministry to study the possibility of starting to offer girls gym classes in state-run schools, the Wall Street Journal reported. This as long as the classes conform to Sharia rules of modest dress and gender segregation.

There is currently a ban on sports instruction for public school girls, Reuters reported.

Of course there is. It's Saudi Arabia where women exercising is controversial.

Under their modest flowing robes, two-thirds of Saudi women are too fat.

In Riyadh, hotel gyms and pools are off limits to women. Along the city's walking trails, where the women walk covered in the mandatory black cloaks, they are sometimes harassed by the muttawa.
Rana al-Abdullah said one such official ordered her to go back to her car when she was out walking one day and wouldn't leave her alone until she did. She now walks in malls.

At a clinic that treats obesity-related diseases, a booklet left by a writer named Muhammad al-Habdan, warned that if girls' schools began P.E., Saudi girls would have to change into workout gear — and good girls should not disrobe outside their homes. Changing in a locker room might cause them to lose the shyness that is the hallmark of good morals, the booklet warned.

It went on to say that the girls might become attracted to each other after seeing their classmates in tight leotards and tops.

That was in 2006, where there was concern that Saudi girls were just waiting for the chance to become lesbians. Then again, considering what life is like for Saudi women in an Islamic marriage, maybe they are.

Now the concern is that they'll become prostitutes.

"The Muslim woman should realize that she is a target for corruption," said al-Habdan in another booklet on why women should not go to fitness clubs.

"There is no faster way to corrupt nations than the emancipation of women — that is getting her out on the street to entice men and ruin their morals," he added.

First they leave the home to go exercise and then they become prostitutes. That's how things work in Islam.