Facebook Exec to Attend Islamist Group's Event on "Countering Internet Hate"

Censorship. It's coming.


Censorship. It's coming. And some even say that it's already here. As Pamela Geller writes,

The Islamic supremacist group Muslim Advocates has announced that its Annual Gala 2014 on May 3 will host an “onstage conversation” about “countering hate on the internet” featuring Monika Bickert, the Head of Global Policy Management for Facebook, along with Muslim Advocates’ Executive Director Farhana Khera and Hilary Shelton of the NAACP.

Who exactly is Monika Bickert? As Head of Global Policy Management for Facebook, she is Facebook’s speech police. So is it any wonder that groups like Muslim Advocates would be feting her? Muslim Advocates is an organization of Sharia enforcers, enforcers of the blasphemy laws under Sharia...

Groups like these have millions of dollars and an obviously subversive mission, and for them someone like Bickert is a key player. How many of you who are reading this know exactly what I’m talking about? How many of you have been banned from Facebook for twenty-four hours for posting a jihad story or saying something that might offend Muslims? I myself have been banned numerous times for merely posting a link to a jihad article.

The well-oiled machine of Islamic supremacists descends daily on Facebook and flags or reports stories that they deem unacceptable for the eyes of the Facebook user and American news consumer.

Islamic groups have been very effecting at using similar tactics in Hollywood to achieve industry self-censorship. With the internet, they face a more complex problem, but ultimately resolvable, of convincing companies to censor content.

Their endgame would be getting Google, which now has a virtual search monopoly, to purge blasphemous material from the internet entirely by manipulating pagerank.