Leftist Dons Hijab, Disproves Existence of Islamophobia

'There was this excess (of niceness) that I would experience."


The indoctrination has worked quite well. Many Westerners now work hard to prove that they aren't Islamophobic. And this once again demonstrates that the Muslim hysteria over Islamophobia is a myth.

A Canadian college student recently conducted a social experiment to see if people treated her differently if she wore a hijab - a traditional Muslim veil that covers a woman's head and chest - and what she discovered was a bit unexpected.

Anisa Rawhani, a third-year student at Queens University in Ontario, wore the traditional Muslim garb for 18 days in January as she worked at the university's library, visited stores and restaurants near the campus and as she did volunteer work with local children.

According to Rawhani - who conducted the experiment to see if people in her community were racist towards minority groups - she noticed that people actually treated her more kindly and with more respect than when she didn't wear the hijab.

'I went with my hijab and people were very nice, people were polite, parents would shake my hand, so the experience was all across the board in Kingston.'

In some cases, she says, she would go out with friends who weren't wearing any identifying religious symbols and she was treated much nicer than they were.

'There was this excess (of niceness) that I would experience that I couldn't account for,' she said. 'Like really going the extra mile like smiling broadly and being so so polite, which I've never experienced before. It was a stark contrast that was going on that threw me for a loop.'

Overall Americans and Canadians are fairly nice people and they've heard enough lectures about how excluded Muslims feel that they go the extra mile for them.

Also many people treat someone wearing a hijab as a foreigner and act more welcoming to them.