Israeli Hackers Counter-Hack Anonymous, Expose Names

Anonymous no more


At least those members of Anonymous taking part in #OpIsrael, a regular series of attacks against Israeli websites. Participants in #OpIsrael tend to be from the Muslim world.

The #OpIsrael Twitter feed is a collection of the same inane propaganda you would find on any Muslim website. There's nothing particularly "Anonymous" about it aside from the use of the mask.

Israeli hackers broke into the computers of Anonymous members that attacked Israel a few days ago, led them to the computer, photographed them and showed them the message: “Hey, next time do not take part in an offensive against Israel. We know who you are, we know where you are. Praise Israel.” The images and their full details were published on the web.

Wednesday morning the hacker team published an “Israeli Elite Force” document with details of 16 Internet users from around the world that allegedly participated in OpIsrael, which was organized by an anti-Israeli network. The document shows the details of the attack participants, including names, country of origin and usernames and passwords to various websites they use. Most participants came from Malaysia and Indonesia, while others scattered around Portugal, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The hacker who carried out the counterattack, and called himself Buddhax, managed to infiltrate the computers of participants, capture screenshots and in some cases their pictures with webcams on their computers.

He said it was not very complicated, and that it is proof of how Anonymous anti-Israeli attackers are amateurs. “I’m not a great hacker, but I’m at least good enough to expose you,” he wrote. After he got to their the computer screens, he warned them against future participation in similar operations: “Hey, next time do not take part in an offensive against Israel. We know who you are, we know where you are. Praise Israel.”

The so-called hackers were probably for the most part using Anon's Ion Cannon to carry out Denial of Service attacks against Israeli websites. Anon DDoS attacks rely on people downloading the Low Orbit Ion Cannon which allows more experienced attackers to launch attacks using your computer. The attacks send large numbers of messages from your machine to the target server hoping to overwhelm it.

Obviously giving hackers control of your computer is a really, really bad idea. But some clueless people still downloaded the Low Orbit Ion Cannon which is probably how they got hacked.

The hacker's message includes the statement "DDoS & Deface small sites are not hacking" suggesting that this is how the Anonymites went wrong.

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