Meet the Craziest Anti-Israel Boycotter

"Kat uses gender neutral pronouns to define themselves and their identity."


The BDS movement is nuts. But even within every nutty movement, there is a horrifying walnut of insanity that no one can crack.

And that brings us to Kat-Yang Stevens.

Ms. Stevens showed up at the Cornell Student Assembly BDS divestment resolution debate, where it lost badly, and apparently began screaming a lot.

It goes without saying that she isn't a student. But what she is defies description. Let's let her speak for herself.



Let's try adding some vowels and fixing the spelling.

"My organizing 2 bring down colonialist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy transcends the physical."

That doesn't help much. I know. Let's try a Twitter bio.

Queer-Cis-Asian Am.-Settler/ writer / educator / agitator / organizer // smashing colonialist imperialist capitalist white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy

Something more detailed maybe?

Kat Yang-Stevens is a cisgender queer woman and first generation Asian American of Chinese ancestry. Kat grew up on and currently lives on occupied territories belonging to the Onondaga & Cayuga Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in so-called New York.

Full Time Unpaid Community Organizer

In other words, she's a lesbian who took too many useless college courses before dropping out to annoy people full time.

The last one is the least surprising and the least confusing. And of course she has a zine. Because it's 1982 on her planet. You can order an issue for only $13 or you can buy five cups of hot coffee and spill them all over yourself. I'm not sure which is a better use of your money.

She hates Keystone, accuses environmental groups of racism and claims to have narrowly avoided the "school to prison pipeline". Apparently that's a major problem for spoiled Taiwanese brats living in occupied New York.

Also she claims to have PTSD (what unpaid full time community organizer doesn't?) and is constantly being victimized by fellow lefties, who, for some inexplicable reason, claim that she's insane, when she's only confronting their white supremacism. Also she likes to refer to herself in the third person using gender neutral pronouns to define her identify.

"Kat uses gender neutral pronouns to define themselves and their identity. Those pronouns look like: they, them, their, themselves, etc. Please hold this in your consciousness while you are reading this document to avoid confusion."

Yes, please securely fasten this in your consciousness.

Kat Yang Stevens has many well thought out ideas that she likes to share with the world.


Duh. Obviously.


Darn that Zionist patriarchy. Always interfering with a glorious feminist Muslim Caliphate which might consider allowing women to drive cars.


If only Kat Yang Stevens could find some land that isn't stolen from anyone. I hear Antarctica is available.


But not when Jews accuse people like Stevens of anti-semitism. That she claims the right to question.


You too can be a settle and engage in ritual self-shaming/bragging, even if you're a woman of color.

When Kat isn't yelling at people on Twitter about white supremacism, she's a delightfully fun person who is yelling at them about white supremacism off Twitter.

Here's a sample of her account of her battle against gender neutral pronoun microaggressions at an anti-racist cooperative.

Partners Ryan “Clover” Owens and “Friede” Lisa Sanders, previously close friends of Kat who had organized with Kat around environmental issues in the past, persuaded (and, at one point, begged to ease their own financial burdens) Kat to sublet a room and then to move into Ghostcat, known as a cooperative and collectively run house in downtown Ithaca for social/environmental justice organizers. Ryan and Friede presented living at Ghostcat as an opportunity to create a healing space with the support of the collective that they had repeatedly vocally asserted was an “anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-hierarchical, feminist” space.

Less than two weeks after moving in, Ryan informed Kat that it was not okay for Kat to use gender-neutral pronouns because “Kat is not trans” implying that only trans people are “allowed” to use gender-neutral pronouns, he also consistently refused to address Kat with the pronouns they use. Kat’s (polite) refusal to allow Ryan to dictate their gender pronouns was the first instance in which it became evident that, like many other of Ryan’s microaggressions, this was not about topic or content, but about Ryan’s consistent need to be the authority and most valid voice in the household.

It's really amazing that the left ever gets anything done. Some more samples from this electric kool aid adventure.

Ryan also insisted that the argument between Kat and Tyler resulted in an ex-Ghostcat housemate and friend of Ryan’s who was visiting that night to become “triggered” by Kat’s “violent yelling”

During a house meeting when Kat expressed concerns about the unilateral decision (made by Ryan and Friede and a housemate no longer even living in the space) to incorporate Hope Rainbow into the Ghostcat Collective,

Kat then tried to explain how unfair that was and how it’s actually racist to say that Kat was a threatening presence in the house simply because Kat is known for addressing dynamics of white supremacy.

Hope then signed the lease for Ghostcat, allowing Ryan and Friede to leverage Hope’s greater access to financial resources (which had enabled her rather than Kat to sign) and a classist, capitalist logic of property ownership, to unilaterally dissolve Ghostcat as a collective.

Hope, a white woman, had hair that she had fashioned into “dreadlocks”, which have a vile history that has been reappropriated in part as a symbol of Black power and to reject white culture.

Kat and Kenton had to immediately move their stuff out with the help of several friends. While they were doing so, some people acted out — in their long-term anger against Ryan’s history of manipulative and exclusionary behavior, and the dissolution of the only radical political collective in Ithaca — by damaging one item of furniture, messing up a spice rack, and writing messages on posters and mirrors that named Ryan, Friede, “Mateo”, and Hope as liars and questioned their “radical” credentials.

Ryan indicated on several occasions that people involved are “lucky” that he didn’t call the police. Ryan has been using this incident ever since to justify repeated attempts to make Kat houseless from other living spaces, to delegitimize Kat as an organizer, housemate and person, and promote his narrative that privileges his own “safety.” He has been able to spread this narrative, that is, by taking advantage of people’s unconscious capitalist assumption that property is more valuable than people, and of society’s racist tendency to automatically label those who act out of a place of ongoing, extreme marginalization and oppression as “dangerous” and “criminal.”

I really think that if we forced the entire left to live in one big collective together, by next spring there would just be a pile of bodies alongside novel size denunciations of each other.

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