Anti-Israel Leftist Cited by Anti-Semitic Killer Mocked Idea that American Jews are At Risk

It's time to examine the link between Neo-Nazi groups and the left's New Anti-Semitism

Leftist Anti-Israel journalist Max Blumenthal, who is affiliated with The Nation, ridiculed the idea that American Jews are an at risk population.

blumenthal kansas city

Blumenthal, whose attacks on Israel and Jews were described as anti-Semitic even by many on the left, and whose work was allegedly cited by the Kansas City killer and has been mentioned hundreds of times on Neo-Nazi forums such as Stormfront and VNN, found the idea that the Jews he was putting at risk would need special security to be ridiculous.

But in fact, despite the constant clamor of a mythical Islamophobia, American Jews are far more likely to be at risk than Muslims.

Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demagogues like Max Blumenthal spread hate toward Jews around the world and then mock the idea that the people they target will be attacked by some of their readers and viewers.

It's time to seriously examine the intersection between Neo-Nazi groups and the left's New Anti-Semitism characterized by hatemongers like Max Blumenthal.

It's time for The Nation and other outlets that publish hatemongers like Blumenthal to do some serious soul-searching about their role in the killings.