Taxpayer Funded College to Pay Paul Krugman $225K to Promote Income Inequality

That's how much he cares about the poor.


Income inequality is a terrible thing. That's why New York Times ranter Paul Krugman will generously accept $225,000 a year to occasionally mention what a terrible thing it is... from a taxpayer funded public university.

That's how much he cares about the poor.

In late February, the City University of New York announced that it had tapped Princeton economist and New York Times blogger Paul Krugman for a distinguished professorship at CUNY’s Graduate Center and its Luxembourg Income Study Center, a research arm devoted to studying income patterns and their effect on inequality.

CUNY intends to pay Krugman $225,000, or $25,000 per month (over two semesters), to “play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” of a new “inequality initiative.”

You will not be expected to teach or supervise students,” the letter informs Professor Krugman.

Income inequality is great... for the left which can dine out for years on it.

“Perhaps I’m being premature or forward,” the Graduate Center’s President, Chase Robinson, tells Krugman in one of them, “but I wanted you to have no doubt that we can provide not just a platform for public interventions and a stimulating academic community­—especially, as you will know, because of our investments in the study of inequality—but also a relatively comfortable perch.”

Nothing says income inequality like a comfortable perch.

This is plantation politics. Get a six figure job agitating against income inequality at the expense of people who make a fraction of what you do.

Meanwhile 46% of CUNY's huge budget comes from working New Yorkers.