Somali Hussein Sisters Arrested for Battering American Student Blame Islamophobia

Islamophobia. Is there anything it can't do?


Islamophobia. Is there anything it can't do?

MassLive has been frenziedly spinning the story of bullying by three Somali Muslim sisters into a story about them being bullied. There's an editorial denouncing bigotry in schools and repeated stories giving their point of view, rather than that of their victims.

Yes, victims. Because this isn't their first time around.

The victim “stated that she felt Najma punch her in the face and scratch her around her left eye,” school resource officer Mark P. Hammond wrote, adding the sisters “have been involved in similar incidents in the cafeteria on multiple occasions.”

A police report on the fight stated that Najma, Bibo and Filsan Hussein attacked another female student who was laughing at them during lunch period on March 7.

Najma Hussein, now 19, was charged in Springfield District Court with assault and battery and disturbing a school assembly while Hibo Hussein, now 20, was charged with disturbing the school assembly; charges against Filsan Hussein, 18, were dropped because she was a minor at the time.

Now backed by an Islamist group, the Sisters Hussein are claiming that they've always been victimized and called terrorists. And they're the victims here.

The sisters spoke during a classroom discussion hosted by Westfield State University associate professor Kamal Ali, who is also vice president of the of Islamic Society Western Massachusetts.

Following the session, more than 30 students signed up to stage a protest at the high school in the next few weeks, Ali said. “It’s a question of the day and time; we know the place,” the professor said.

And so the Muslim bullying scales up even further, doubling down on aggression.