Obama Spending Taxpayer Money to Promote Conversion to Islam in the Czech Republic

One such lecture entitled "Paths of Young Czech Women to Islam"


No one can say that Obama isn't focusing on what's important. Forget Ukraine. The real action is in the Czech Republic.

The project—Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren—is being spearheaded by a Muslim advocacy group and is being financed by American taxpayers through a grant from the US Embassy in Prague.

The group says the Czech Ministry of Education has authorized it to organize lectures and seminars aimed at "teaching Czech schoolchildren about Islamic beliefs and practices" and at "fighting stereotypes and prejudices about Muslims."

But critics—there are many—say the project's underlying objective is to convert non-Muslim children to Islam by bringing proselytizing messages into public schools under the guise of promoting multiculturalism and fighting "Islamophobia."

One such lecture entitled "Paths of Young Czech Women to Islam" answers questions such as: What makes a young Czech woman want to become a Muslim? It is the main motive always falling in love with a Muslim man or are there other reasons?

Apparently the Czech Republic was a little too stable and not flying enough planes into skyscrapers so Obama has decided to change all that.

Why the path of young Czech women? Well that's what the Muslims calling the shots in D.C. appear to be focused on.