Obama and Keystone - He Can't Afford to Offend Either Side

It's a cowardly move for a cowardly dishonest administration.


Keystone is one of those cases where Obama can't afford to make a decision. So he doesn't.

There's little doubt that his sympathies are with the environmental left which wants Keystone dead, but neither can he afford to offend unions or give Republicans a Keystone job-killing talking point.

So Obama will go on doing what he's been doing all along. Delay it to death.

Any decision that Obama makes will hurt him politically. And he has an election coming up that will determine whether Congress will finally have the power to stop him. Midterm elections are determined by lower turnout and donations so that both sides, environmentalists and unions, will wield disproportionate power.

So Obama has postponed the decision again.

It's obvious which side Obama has come out on. You don't constantly postpone something you support. The only novelty is that instead of directly throwing his weight around and launching a hashtag for his fake Twitter followers, Obama has distanced himself from Keystone and tried to kill it through delays.

It's a cowardly move for a cowardly dishonest administration.