10-Year-Olds in Colorado Caught Selling "Legal" Pot

Drug legalization. It just solves everything, doesn't it?


Drug legalization. It just solves everything, doesn't it?

A couple of 10-year-old Colorado kids were caught making marijuana deals at school — selling and swapping legally purchased pot they pilfered from their grandparents’ stash, a school district official said Wednesday.

A fourth-grade boy brought a small amount of leafy marijuana on Monday to Monfort Elementary School in Greeley, Colo., and sold it to three classmates on the school playground. He made $11 on the deal, John Gates, director of safety and security for Greeley-Evans School District, told ABC News.

The next day, one of the buyers brought an edible to school and gave it to the boy who sold him the weed.

Voters in Colorado approved the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis by adults for recreational purposes in 2012, and the first state-licensed retail pot stores opened in the state in January.

The marijuana was reportedly purchased by grandparents in two different families, Gates told CBS News.

The answer is obvious. We can't successfully criminalize part of a market. We have to go full legalization or nothing.

Since the War on Preventing Fourth Graders from Selling Drugs has already been lost, all we need to do is legalize 10-year-old drug buys. That way they government will make money off the sale and maybe we can even set up supervised locations for the 7-12 set to get high.

This is the brave new conservatism we're being sold. Isn't it wonderful? Social conservatives are outdated freaks. And once we legalize heroin, we'll finally win over the millennials. Or whichever generation comes after them.