"This is the Question that Preoccupies the Egyptian People: Was Al-Sisi's Mother Jewish"

“Sisi is Jewish and Egypt is now under Zionist occupation.”


Every Arab and Muslim leader will sooner or later be accused of being a Secret Jew. Everyone from the House of Saud to the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood to Gaddafi to Ahmadinejad have been accused of being of Jewish descent.

That fact alone should put paid to the notion that Muslim hatred is political rather than racial. When you're this obsessed with genealogy, then you aren't angry about a few miles of land around Jerusalem.

You're a racist.

The narrator of this little video which claims that Moshe Dayan lived in Cairo and hung out with Nasser is fairly unimportant, but the obsession with Al-Sisi's mother comes straight from the Muslim Brotherhood.

A former Muslim Brotherhood official accused Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi of having Jewish origins and being part of a Zionist plot against Egypt.

“I was surprised to learn, from the Algerian Al-Watan newspaper, that el-Sissi is of Jewish origin,” Gamal Nasser said Saturday in an Arabic-language broadcast on Al-Jazeera, where he is a commentator.

“His mother is called Mulaika Titani, and her brother was a member of the Jewish Haganah organization,” Nasser added. “Thus, we see that this man, by any standard, is implementing a Zionist plan to divide Egypt.”

That's the news network that lefties think is serious and credible. Picking up the thread of this little lunacy, Kevin Barrett, the editor of Veterans Today, a site that makes Alex Jones seem sane, called Al-Sisi "a Jew president"

Iran's PressTV picked up the claim and it went around the internet to the sort of sites that get their news from there.

Then the Muslim Brotherhood began reporting on sites like Veterans Today reporting on their claims completing the snake swallowing its own demented tail.

“Sisi is Jewish and Egypt is now under Zionist occupation.” Thus screamed a September 21, 2013 headline on Rassd, the news outlet created and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. The story beneath the headline uses as its source the anti-Semitic conspiracy website Veterans Today, which is based in the U.S., lending it credibility in the eyes of Egyptian readers. The article explains that General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s Minister of Defense and de facto ruler is “Jewish by nationality” as his mother is a Moroccan Jew by the name of Malika Titani. Sisi’s maternal uncle is named Youri Sabbagh and is described as an important Zionist who served in Ben Gurion’s party.

Two months earlier, as Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour was being sworn in, Ikhwanonline.com, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, published an article that proclaimed him Jewish. As proof for its claim, the article, which has since been taken down, states that Mansour is a Seventh Day Adventist, which of course as all Egyptian conspiracy experts know is a Jewish sect.

Unfortunately it's already been proven that the Muslim Brotherhood is also Jewish.

Safa Al-Hashem, activist and political candidate for the Kuwaiti parliament, has launched a sharp attack on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Hashem told Al-Watan-Kuwait that the Brotherhood has a plan to deploy this poison in the Gulf, and he claims that Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was really a Moroccan immigrant of Jewish descent! According to al-Hashem, al-Banna really meant the “Jewish brotherhood” when he founded the organization.

Apparently Moroccan Jews run most of the Arab world. And they're doing a terrible job of it.