Muslim Terrorists Bombed Mosque Because of Tourists in Mini-skirts

Muslim terrorists really have issues with women.

Yasin_Bhatkal_PTI_Clearest_29Aug13_295 This man really hates mini-skirts

Muslim terrorists really have issues with women. They'll even attack their own mosque over the length of a woman's skirt. (via Religion of Peace)

In 2010, four Muslim terrorists from the Indian Mujahadeen carried out two attacks around the historic Jama Mosque in Old Delhi. While two of the attackers opened fire on a Taiwanese camera crew, injuring two, the others set off a pressure cooker car bomb which underperformed.

Now we learn why they did it. Mini-skirts.

Foreigners wearing mini skirts and entering Jama Masjid in New Delhi prompted Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and his aides to commit terror strike at the historic mosque in September 2010, the Delhi Police has told a court here.

In its charge sheet filed against Bhatkal and his aide Asadullah Akhtar, the Special Cell of Delhi Police said the accused considered wearing of short clothes by the foreigners as "un-Islamic" and due to this they decided to strike at gate number three of the mosque.

"After the recee carried out by Yasin...., it was decided that gate number three of the Jama Masjid was suitable for shootout as foreigners were found frequenting the place and their wearing of mini skirts/ short clothes while entering the Jama Masjid compound was considered by these terrorists as un-Islamic," the police said.

So they Islamically carried out attacks around a mosque in the name of Islam... because of women in mini-skirts.

Islamic terrorism isn't about foreign policy. It's about the homicidal impulses of Islamic supremacism and its infinite collection of hang ups about everyone who isn't a Muslim man.