Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Demands Private Emails of American Mosque Opponents

CAIR is targeting seven Michigan residents

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative

For now it's only CAIR. Wait till it's Eric Holder demanding them.

A Muslim organization is targeting seven Michigan residents who opposed plans for a major Islamic construction project in their neighborhood, and a legal team defending them alleges that the goal is to intimidate the project opponents and send a message to others.

CAIR touts itself as a Muslim civil rights group, but federal prosecutors in 2007 named the Washington, D.C.-based group an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to fund the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, and more than a dozen CAIR leaders have been charged or convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

The case was prompted by a plan by the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor in 2012 to build an Islamic school and community center.

It needed the town to rezone the property. But the request was denied because of infrastructure and traffic concerns.

CAIR filed a federal civil rights action against the township on behalf of MCA, claiming the denial of the rezoning application violated the Muslims’ rights.

AFLC explained that the township residents were concerned about the traffic congestion that would be caused by the construction of a school and community center in their neighborhood. They circulated and submitted to township officials a petition expressing their opposition to the rezoning, and several of them spoke out at public hearings.

“As a result, CAIR served harassing subpoenas on a number of these citizens, demanding that they produce private emails and other documents, and in some cases, appear for a deposition,” AFLC said.

As usual, Muslim civil rights require the systematic violation of the civil rights of others.

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