Now Polar Bears Are Threatened by Too Much Ice

Are they getting not enough ice, too much ice?


Everyone is worried about the polar bears. Are they getting not enough ice, too much ice? Meanwhile the polar bears have managed to survive for quite a long time without anyone worrying about them.

And they're going to keep right on doing it. Unlike the Warmists who occasionally stop by in a ship, rub their gloves together, take a few photos and go home, polar bears can adapt to changing conditions.

Five meters of ice– about 16 feet thick - is threatening the survival of polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea region along Alaska’s Arctic coast, according to Dr. Susan J. Crockford, an evolutionary biologist in British Columbia who has studied polar bears for most of her 35-year career.

That’s because the thick ice ridges could prevent ringed seals, the bears’ major prey, from creating breathing holes they need to survive in the frigid waters, Crockford told

“Prompted by reports of the heaviest sea ice conditions on the East Coast ‘in decades’ and news that ice on the Great Lakes is, for mid-April, the worst it’s been since records began, I took a close look at the ice thickness charts for the Arctic,” Crockford noted in her Polar Bear Science blog on April 18th.

“Sea ice charts aren’t a guarantee that this heavy spring ice phenomenon is developing in the Beaufort, but they could be a warning,” she wrote, noting that they “don’t bode well” for the Beaufort bears.

I'm going to go ahead and bet that the polar bears will outlive evolutionary biologists as a group.