Obama's Libyan War Leads to War on Women in Libyan University

Hillary can take credit for building a Berlin Wall for women on campus.

Mixité interdite

Remember that time Obama decided to invade Libya and implement regime change, handing the country over to Al Qaeda and various Islamic militias? Aside from the murder of four Americans, attacks on Africans, Christians and Sufis, he has killed whatever existed of Libyan academia. (via Religion of Peace)

Under Libya’s monarchy and Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, schools and universities in Libya had always been co-ed. However, in Derna, located in eastern Libya, male and female students are about to be separated for the first time. A local militia is building a wall in the middle of the university campus in order to segregate them.

The wall will be finished in two weeks, and then classes will resume at Omar al-Mokhtar University in Derna. The construction of this wall is the result of an agreement between the university administration and a local Islamist militia known as Buslim, which will provide security inside the school.

Zohra (not her real name) is a former professor at Omar al-Mokhtar University in Derna.

"This wall is the result of two years of pressure from Islamist militias on the city, and more specifically on the university. Derna is even more conservative than the big Libyan cities like Tripoli or Benghazi. Islamists settled here following Gaddafi’s fall."

"They have been putting pressure on the university administration and the school’s female students. They criticise co-ed classes, the outfits of some female students, and some disciplines that are, according to them, an offence to Islam. The law department in particular is being targeted because it teaches the laws of this world, and not Sharia law – even though Libyan laws are inspired by Islam!"

"These extremist militias didn’t just lambast the university; they also threatened professors and female students via street graffiti close to the university."

"The militias then offered the university administration a deal: they would provide security on campus in exchange for the introduction of an “Islamic” dress code for female students and the construction of a wall to separate men and women. The university’s president, as well as Derna’s local council, accepted this proposal."

Among all their other many accomplishments, Hillary and Obama can take credit for building a Berlin Wall for women on campus.

Hillary. She really is breaking the glass ceiling.