Islamic Jihad May Join All-Star, All-Terror Palestinian Unity Government

The unity government may have Iran's blessing.


Islamic Jihad, like Hamas, is a Muslim Brotherhood front group, affiliate or spinoff, depending on whether you're a realist or believe cover stories that terrorists tell you. The difference is that it has even closer ties to Iran than Hamas.

Considering that Islamic Jihad has arguably becoming an Iranian puppet and that Iran opposes any deal with Israel and spends a good deal of time and money sabotaging any such deal, it's certainly interesting that they're coming.

It suggests that despite the headlines, the unity government may have Iran's blessing.

Despite last week predicting its failure, the Islamic Jihad terrorist group is trying to join in on the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement.

Sources in the group told the Ma’an news agency that three senior leaders of the group traveled from Gaza to Egypt via the Rafiah crossing on Wednesday.

According to the sources, Muhammad al-Hindi, Nafith Azzama, and Khaled al-Batsh traveled through Egypt to convene with other faction leaders for meetings on the recent reconciliation deal.

The leaders will consider the ways Islamic Jihad could be involved in the unity government, which is due to be set into place within four weeks, the sources told Ma’an.

So what is the endgame? If Iran is behind the unity government then the whole thing may actually be an attempt to flip the Palestinian Authority into the Iranian camp. That's crazy considering the PA gets a fortune from the West, but the participants are not exactly grand marshals of sanity.

Or alternatively, Iran's new diplomatic tactics require some sort of payoff as Iran scrambles to go nuclear while distracting the US. And it may have offered Hamas' participation in a unity government in exchange for time and money.

If that's true, then it was Obama Inc. that initiated this unity government that it's pretending to be concerned about.