ObamaCare Wants Poor Disabled Latino Women to Build $800 Million Website

The Obama administration is starting the hunt for next year’s diverse group of contractors.


I can't wait till it crosses the $1 billion threshold. We should have a party with balloons, ice cream, cake. Except we won't be able to afford it because of ObamaCare.

At least the clown act is free.

After shelling out $677 million to build the federal health care website, the government will spend an additional $121 million in 2014 to repair it—$30 million more than previously estimated—the Washington Times reported last night. This comes just as the Obama administration is starting the hunt for next year’s diverse group of contractors.

CGI Federal, the original lead contractor awarded $93.7 million, was replaced by Accenture this past January. Accenture received an initial payment of $45 million—an amount that was supposed to double by year’s end, according to the Washington Post. But yesterday, Accenture Federal Services announced their final agreement of $121 million for work through January 10, 2015.

The search for Accenture’s successor has commenced, and the administration has some specific criteria on its applicants’ gender, race, and socioeconomic status. From the New York Times yesterday.

"Federal officials said Monday that they intended to hold a new competition before awarding a contract and that they were particularly interested in responses from small businesses owned by women, disabled veterans and “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals,” including black and Hispanic Americans."

Sure, give it to a company of poor disabled gay Latino women. They probably can't do any worse. Or maybe they can. Either way it will cost a lot of money and work badly.

Just like the rest of the government.