"Star-Studded" ObamaCare Celebration Features No Stars

It had less stars than most Narcotics Anonymous meetings.


Politico is reporting that the ObamaCare celebration was a star-studded event. Even in the imaginary universe that the left's media corps permanently resides in, in which Barack Obama is a genius, Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman in America and ObamaCare is wildly popular, this is a star-studded event with no stars.

It had less stars than most Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

President Barack Obama celebrated the completion of the first open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act with a star-studded reception at the White House on Thursday.

“Nashville” actress Connie Britton, former “Blossom” star and current “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik and Bill Nye the Science Guy were among those on hand, as were Vice President Joe Biden, departing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other Cabinet members.

See stars such as.... Bill Nye the Science Guy, Joe Biden and Mayim Bialik. But wait the star-studded cast also included mega-celebs like...

Other celebrities on hand included Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation,” actor and former White House staffer Kal Penn and actress Aisha Tyler. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Labor Secretary Tom Perez also attended.

It's like Oscar night if it was held at Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab.

Obama used to be able to draw top music and movie stars. Now all he could get was a bunch of people who appear somewhere on television.They're not, for the most part, the stars of anything.

Most of them are sidekicks. Which seems appropriate.

So what went wrong? Why couldn't Katy Perry or George Clooney make it? Because they might be moonbats but even they don't want to be associated with the ObamaCare Party.

Just like no network wanted to air it.

With limited exceptions, stars have largely failed to participate in a substantial ad campaign to promote Obama-Care’s new coverage options.

To date, the only noteworthy celebrities appearing on behalf of ObamaCare in national ads are retired NBA players Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning, who left professional basketball in 1991 and 2009, respectively.

And no, Magic didn't show up to this clown show. He was too busy giving his 20th interview whining about Sterling.

Contrary to expectations, the White House’s A-list backers have mainly stuck to Twitter to voice support for ObamaCare, while others have appeared in inexpensive online videos, or chosen to promote California’s insurance marketplace instead of HealthCare.gov, the notoriously troubled website for the federal exchanges.

It seems that not even the president’s most fervent and committed supporters want to get too close to ObamaCare. Some of Obama’s most powerful allies — figures including Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé — have stayed in the wings for the enrollment push.

Why put themselves out on the line when they can just let their assistants tweet #GetCovered so they still get invited to White House parties.

So instead the ObamaCare celebration had to settle for Adam Scott, who was also one of the few celebs to show up to the Demand a Plan event.

Basically if you put food out, Adam Scott will show up at your house.

He's clearly not picky.

Kal Penn will show up everywhere Obama goes for reasons best left unexplored. And Mayim Bialik is what happens when no other member of the cast of Big Bang Theory will show up to your event.

Can't get the Indian guy? Uh okay. How about Mayim. She'll need a ride though.

But who needs stars when you've got Kathleen Sebelius?

Obama also offered a shoutout to the people who worked on HealthCare.gov and other technical aspects, leading a “tech team! tech team!” chant.

It was either that or "$800 million down the hole".

Local officials including Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Mark Holland attended, as did a small contingent of ACA supporters from Texas, including state Sen. Garnet Coleman and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

So this was basically the saddest party ever.

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