Minorities Overrepresented in ObamaCare Sign-Ups

Blacks made up 16.7 percent of sign-ups


The story says that minorities aren't signing up for ObamaCare, but the statistics tell another story.

Minorities have largely shied away from signing up for the Affordable Care Act, though they are more likely to be uninsured than whites.

Some 63 percent of the people who picked insurance plans on the exchanges and reported their race were white, according to federal data released Thursday. Blacks made up 16.7 percent of sign-ups, while Latinos accounted for only 10.7 percent and Asians for 7.9 percent.

The relatively scant participation by minorities comes despite a heavy push by the Obama administration and its supporters into Latino and black communities.

By percentage of the population, they're overrepresented among signups, if not by percentage of the uninsured, but we've already established that ObamaCare did little for the uninsured and was never meant to.

If you take away people's health insurance and force them to sign up for ObamaCare's expensive junk plans, then you really have no basis for talking about the percentage of uninsured relative to signups.

Interestingly, Asians are extremely overrepresented.

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