Chris Matthews Less Appealing to Young Viewers than Wallpaper

MSNBC is behind FOX, CNN and even HNL


Chris Matthews' Hardball is struggling among overall viewers and is well behind Fox's Greta Van Susteren, but still well ahead of CNN's Erin Burnett, not to mention HLN.

But among viewers 18-54, the desired demographic of advertisers, Chris Matthews falls miserably to last place. Not only do younger viewers prefer Greta Van Susteren over Matthews by even higher margins than overall viewers (3.5 over 2.4), but they would rather watch CNN and even HLN than Hardball.

Basically viewers in the demo would rather watch wallpaper than Chris Matthews. That's a problem for MSNBC, which has terrible ratings, but tries to assure advertisers that at least it's doing well in the demo.

Unfortunately their signature personalities other than Matthews are a formerly obese racist with a giant head, an awkward kid who claims to be Frank Sinatra's love child but is probably just the spawn of Woody Allen, a verbose and anti-semitic Nation editor... and Rachel Maddow.

And a guy as popular with anyone under 54 as wallpaper.