Lawyer Sues Macy's for Detaining Muslim Who Stole Earrings

“They’re preying on the most innocent people on our society."


If Juweria Khalid is the best that Doug Wigdor has to offer, his class action lawsuit against Macy's is in big trouble.

Juweria Khalid admits she put the earrings in her purse, but claimed that "she was planning to pay for them". And now she found a lawyer to sue Macy's over it.

Sorry, no. Once you put store property in your purse, you've stolen it. Especially a pair of $100 earrings. Certainly at that point you lose any and all presumption of innocence.

Khalid's only trump card is that she had a miscarriage later, which she blames on Macy's for stopping her after they caught her. The moral of the story is probably that you shouldn't do stressful things like shoplift expensive jewelery while 8 months pregnant.

Or, more likely, the miscarriage had nothing to do with it. Muslim women often have higher miscarriage rates for different reasons. One of them is cousin marriages which are common among Muslims.

This latest case, according to Doug Wigdor of Wigdor, LLC., who is heading up a larger federal civil case with now more than a dozen plaintiffs, only illustrates further Macy’s consistent targeting of innocent customers.

On what planet is a woman who admits she put $100 earrings in her purse, innocent?

“They’re preying on the most innocent people on our society. People of color, often people from out of the country, often people who don’t speak English or speak English well,” said Wigdor.

The most innocent people in our society don't walk around with store property in their pursue. Juweria Khalid wasn't Forrest Gump. She knew you don't do that. Not if you're planning on paying for them.

And if the loss prevention officers stopped her, it was because they saw her do it.

WPIX's ridiculously pro-shoplifting story from Narmeen Choudhury, a Bangladeshi Muslim, wasn't the first time that Choudhury has run ridiculous Islamophobia pieces on WPIX.

Maybe WPIX should actually check Choudhury's work on Muslims because she has demonstrated that she will run straight Islamic propaganda pieces.

Despite Narmeen Choudhury's biased piece, the comments from WPIX readers and viewers were much more rational.

Mike · She put the earrings in her purse? Ok. Justifiable detention, end of story.

peggy · exactly. every crook has a story.

Eileen · She is lucky they didnt chop her hand off like they would have done in her country!

Mare · You do not put items in your purse. She was stealing and if she wasn't they had every right to detain her.

Carol · You can't put things in your purse and say I'll pay later. How does the store know if you will pay or not. I don't believe her. But she will get a nice some of money from this because she is muslim.

Nora · How could you even cover this story representing this woman as innocent??!? She put the earrings in her purse. This is a classic shoplifter move. Trust me, she was not going to pay for them in the 7th floor as she claimed. As someone who worked in retail for many years, I'm disgusted that this woman is now suing Macy's for loss prevention doing thier job..., and doing it right. These types of issues are why our country is in thr state it's in. I'm disgusted that she was made out to look innocent . Please!