Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over Libyan Government

"We want Libyans to know that power was usurped," he said.


I won't say "takes over Libya" because thanks to Obama, Libyan cities are controlled by Islamist militias, some allied to the Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood has been working hard to bring down every Libyan government.

Now one of its people is back in power.

While Obama couldn't keep Morsi in power in Egypt, he may have better luck in Libya.

Libya's parliament swore in a new prime minister Sunday despite a disputed vote and walkouts from a largely secular bloc, lawmakers and a Libyan television reported.

Despite the protest from a number of non-Islamist parliamentarians, the interim parliament swore in 42-year-old businessman Ahmed Matiq in a televised session headed by the second deputy of parliament, Saleh al-Makhzoum, and member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party.

Initially, only 113 lawmakers voted for Matiq, falling short of the 120 votes necessary to secure his win. After the session was adjourned, Libyan TV station Al-Ahrar reported that voting resumed and Matiq secured eight new votes.

Al-Sharif al-Wafi, an independent lawmaker from Benghazi, said the swearing-in was unconstitutional and defied democratic principles. He said the second deputy of parliament continued the session after first deputy Ezzeddin al-Awami had adjourned the session following the vote and ensuing chaos.

"Authority in Libya has been seized," al-Wafi told a news conference in the capital, Tripoli.

The earlier Western-backed prime minister, Ali Zidan, was pushed out of office in March in a no-confidence vote following a standoff between the central government and powerful militias, and a power struggle between Islamists and non-Islamist factions.

Al-Wafi said he and other lawmakers will appeal to the current prime minister to refuse to hand over power.

"We want Libyans to know that power was usurped," he said.

Libya now has two Prime Ministers. One in exile. And one illegal Muslim Brotherhood thug. One guess which of them Obama will recognize and deal with.