Americans Now Hate ObamaCare More Than Ever

Disapproval of ObamaCare hit a new high of 55 percent


But no need to worry. It's just a poll of registered voters. What are the odds of that having a political impact?

The Pew Research Center poll shows disapproval of the law hitting a new high of 55 percent. It comes on the heels of several polls last week that showed the law had very little -- if any -- bump after sign-ups on the health-care exchanges exceeded goals.

The previous high for disapproval of the law was 54 percent in Pew polling. That was at the height of the implementation problems in December.

Forty-three percent of Americans disapprove of the law "strongly" -- also a record high. Forty-one percent of Americans currently approve of the law. That's higher than the record low, 37 percent.

What happens with a welfare program that directly hurts large numbers of Americans where the majority opposes the program?

We're headed into some interesting territory here.

Unlike most of the other examples, people don't much like ObamaCare, don't see themselves benefiting from it and do see it hurting them.

You've got the Obama base that still supports it, until it hurts them personally. But what makes this different is a solid base hurt by ObamaCare.

As in earlier surveys, opposition to the law is more intense than support: 43% of the public disapproves of the law very strongly and 11% disapprove of it not so strongly. By comparison, 26% approve of the law very strongly while 13% approve of it not so strongly.

And that quarter are the die hards. And their numbers aren't getting any bigger. The weight is on the side of the opposition.

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