Massachusetts Dumps Health Exchange that Inspired ObamaCare, Politico Blames Romney

We don't have media bias anymore. We have straight shameless propaganda.

11qs1s7 Not pictured at Politico

Massachusetts used CGI, the same contractor as Obama's, to build a website. Like it was a really bad website, but unlike it only cost $179 million instead of $800 million.

So now Massachusetts is trying to build a new site using off the shelf technology and possibly defaulting to the even more disastrous So is this Governor Deval Patrick's fault? Is it Obama's fault? It can't be.

According to Politico, it's the fault of Mitt Romney who was last governor in 2007. "Massachusetts ditches RomneyCare health exchange." Politico announces.

Because apparently Romney is responsible for the failure of a website built long after he left office. The article is illustrated with a photo and video of Mitt Romney and repeated references to RomneyCare even though Romney had nothing to do with the website failure.

It's like illustrating the failure of a Social Security website with a photo of FDR and blaming him for it.

The Politico article mentions Romney's name six times. It does not mention the name of the current governor once.

Not once.

Even Pravda was a little more subtle than this, but these days lefty websites actually flaunt their bias. Turning an article about the failure of a Democratic governor into an attack on Mitt Romney is the sort of thing that helps build your rep in those circles. We don't have media bias anymore. We have straight shameless propaganda.