White House Warns of Floods, Wildfires, Swarms of Killer Bees, Cats and Dogs Living Together in Sin

Those are some of the alarming predictions in a White House climate change report

hayhoe Here's your super-scientific Global Warming report lead author.

Does it require urgent and unconstitutional action? Does a bear use non-biodegradable tissue and a non-regulation low flow toilet as specified by the Energy Policy Act of 1992?

Climate change will kill you. Then it will your neighbors. It will sweep away everyone you love in a torrent of long summers and then laugh.

Prepare to die.

Flooded rail lines. Bigger, more frequent droughts. A rash of wildfires.

Those are some of the alarming predictions in a White House climate change report released Tuesday.

"People have this perception of this being an issue that affects our kids but not us, or affects polar bears in the Arctic but not us, and what this report really brings home is the fact that climate change is affecting us right here, today,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a lead author of National Climate Assessment report.

Katharine Hayhoe is not only the lead author of this Chicken Little report, she's also an associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University.

Yes you read that correctly. Political science.

Hayhoe is a Canadian who is mostly known for making videos where she pitches the Global Warming Ecoscam from an "Evangelical Christian" "faith-based" perspective.

That's why Warmists keep pushing her into the limelight to try and split the evangelical consensus.

Hayhoe is a self-promoting clown who tries to blend religion with eco-religion, but since Warmists are desperate to convince Middle America, they keep promoting her a great communicator.

And yes, she stands to benefit in more ways than one. Her "work" has been repeatedly debunked. But that doesn't slow down her promoters.

The White House report threatening rain rehashes much of the same already debunked Warmist propaganda.

She also told us “our weather is becoming much more extreme, where it’s either feast or famine. I’ve been here ( in Lubbock, Texas) for five years and in five years ………………….. we’ve had two 100-year rain events”

(even though precipitation records for nearby USHCN stations showed nothing unusual happening).

Cats and dogs living together in sin.

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