Obama Eliminates A-10 to Save $3.5 Bil, Orders $20 Bil Choppers to Fly Him Around

Nothing but the best for Barry


Nothing but the worst for our soldiers. Nothing but the best for Prince Barack I.

The Department of Defense awarded a contract on Wednesday to a Connecticut company that will build a fleet of helicopters to replace the Marine One fleet that ferries U.S. presidents short distances.

The contract, given to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, will cost an initial $1,244,677,064 'for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the Presidential Helicopter Replacement program.' For that price the U.S. Navy will get six test aircraft and all the necessary research & development.

Adding in the likely $17 billion price tag for the new project – a number estimated by the Congressional Budget Office – the $20 billion total makes the fleet the most expensive helicopters ever built.

Do we really need test aircraft to fly a bunch of D.C. lawyers around? Does this really require any major innovation?

But nothing but the best for Barry. Nothing but the worst for taxpayers.

Maybe if the A-10 were fitted out with a wine bar, cushioned seats and a DVD player and assigned to ferry Obama on speeches to donors around the country, he would find the money to save it.