Allah Caught With 20 Pounds of Marijuana

The Muslim deity has been in jail before.


"In his devotion to bhang, with reverence, not with the worship, which is due to Allah alone, the North Indian Mussulman joins hymning to the praise of bhang. To the follower of the later religion of Islam the holy spirit in bhang is not the spirit of the Almighty, it is the spirit of the great prophet Khizr."

J.M. Campbell
Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report, 1893-1894

Bhang is better known as Cannabis. And in an alignment between the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, it turns out that Allah is surprisingly fond of it. (via Religion of Peace)

A driver who was stopped by sheriff’s deputies in Byron for driving with expired registration tags was arrested after he was found to be carrying several large bags of marijuana, according to authorities.

A post on the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page said the driver, identified as 37-year-old Antioch resident Almighty Allah, was also driving with a suspended license and had a no-bail warrant for his arrest out of Contra Costa County.

The post said inside Allah’s black BMW were 20 large bags of processed and packaged marijuana weighing a total of about 20 pounds.

Allah was arrested for possession and transportation of marijuana as well as cited for driving with a suspended license and expired registration.

Sounds like Islamophobia to me. A number of Allahs have been arrested over the years. Since Antioch is mentioned, it's probably Almighty Rasun Allah.

Allah was not only charged with having a lot of pot in his car, but violating his Work Release Program which suggests that the Muslim deity has been in jail before.

An earlier story suggests that Allah really likes green for a reason.

Looking for Rodriguez, Lone Star Task Force Deputies turned up two men identified as  Richardson, of San Antonio and Almighty Rasun Allah, of California in a San Antonio residence. A warrant on the residence was executed turning up 12 pounds of hydroponic marijuana.

Proof that Islam is really taking hold in America. They came looking for Rodriguez and found Allah.

The Islamic deity also appears to go by other names including


I don't know what this means exactly. I will leave that up to an Islamic scholar to understand why Allah uses so many aliases.


However over in New Jersey there's also Almighty Divine Sun God Allah who has a penchant for burglary. If you're a Muslim looking for answers to the big theological questions, he has a prison pen-pal profile.

"I come in the supreme attribute Awareness of Almighty-Divine Sun-God Allah. And I greet you with the highest universal language of supreme mathematics."

No pot involved here, I'm sure.

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