New Haven Democratic Mayor Celebrates Communist Party

The Young Communist League led the march with police escort.

mayor toni harp

Toni Harp has a long history with the New Haven People's Center which is essentially the local HQ for the Communist Party.

In 2012, veterans protested a plan by Harp to fund the restoration of the Communist building. She made appearances at Peep events including the Marder birthday celebration. But as Mayor of New Haven, Harp is even less subtle.

When Mayor Toni N. Harp declared Feb. 23, 2014 as “Craig Gauthier day in the City of New Haven,” the overflow crowd at the Peoples Center burst into cheers.

After leading a youth march to end violence and for jobs with Gauthier, the Mayor read her proclamation to this “courageous union and community leader in our State,” noting his journey from Louisiana to New Haven, leading his union and in “the Communist Party USA, where he has campaigned for peace, to end police brutality, meet the needs of youth, to create living wag jobs in the community and for union rights.”

Culminating two and a half years of youth organizing, the New Elm City Dream and the Young Communist League led the march with police escort. Over one hundred youth and elected officials, union and community leaders marched…”

Gauthier became president of IAM Victory Lodge 609, and IAM District 170. He served on the executive board of the New Haven Labor Council and many community organizations. As a member first of the Black Panther Party and then of the Communist Party USA…

Meanwhile Toni Harp's most notable achievement is a bill calling for free diapers. From each according to their ability, to each according to their incontinence.