Only 29% of Chicagoans Would Vote for Rahm Emanuel

But that 29% will vote as many times as it takes


Fortunately that 29% will vote as many times as it takes to get him reelected.

Only one in five Chicago voters credit Mayor Rahm Emanuel with doing a better job of running the city than Richard M. Daley did, and only 29 percent would support him if the mayoral election were held today.

Those are the results of a new poll conducted for Early & Often, the Chicago Sun-Times’ political portal. The telephone survey of 511 registered Chicago voters who said they were “very likely” to go to the polls on Feb. 24 was conducted Wednesday by the firm of McKeon & Associates.

“Right now, Rahm is not connecting. If he doesn’t do that, he’s gonna lose,” McKeon said.

Emanuel is raising campaign cash at a frenzied pace — with more than $7 million in the bank already and former President Bill Clinton headlining a mega-fundraiser next month — in hopes of scaring off serious challengers.

The mayor would get 29 percent of the vote to Preckwinkle’s 26 percent. The poll shows Lewis finishing third with 10 percent, followed by Fioretti at 5 percent and Shaw with 3 percent. An estimated 27 percent of voters interviewed were undecided.

Karen Lewis' candidacy alone tells you somehow about how screwed up Chicago politics are, but I wouldn't write off Rahm yet.

In the '11 election went, Rahm won with something like 42 percent turnout and one of the lowest victory margins in Chicago. But it didn't matter, he won because the fix was in, despite being removed from the ballot at one point.

If Hillary is in the driver's seat for the Democratic nomination, the rest will fall into line and Rahm will win.