IRS Spends $100 Million on Pricey Office Furniture, Runs Out of Money

Herman Miller has chairs that cost $1,209

Now that's a good chair Now that's a good chair

The IRS with its nearly 100,000 employees is hard up for cash again. After blowing through $100 million on some rather pricey office furniture, the least popular three letter agency since the KGB wants more of your money.

The IRS has spent $96.5 million on office furniture under the Obama administration and is now claiming it has insufficient funding to adequately serve taxpayers.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testified before the House two weeks ago about the IRS’ need for additional funding for the upcoming fiscal year. The IRS is currently seeking an increase of $1.2 billion—a 7 percent raise over its FY 2014 $11.29 billion budget. It would bring the agency’s FY 2015 budget to $12.48 billion.

Shouldn't the average American be making 7 percent more money for the IRS to get a 7 percent raise? But that's a silly question. Obama will just cut more health care benefits for vets, killing more of them, so the IRS can buy more expensive chairs.

Contracts also revealed that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent solely on chairs for the IRS’ office in Haverhill, Mass. The contract shows $618,881 was spent on “Task Chairs Phase II.” That work was completed on Dec. 31, 2012. Due to the volume of contracts, the Free Beacon could not find the amount spent for Phase I of the task chairs project or if there were any additional phases after this second one.

The top three prime award contractors were Knoll, Herman Miller, and Haworth International. While some records did not give detailed information on the types of furniture purchased, the high-end retailers’ websites do give taxpayers a sampling of their products and costs.

Herman Miller has chairs that cost $1,209, and storage units that cost $1,749. Knoll’s chairs retail for $659. Another company awarded several contracts claims on its website it partners with “best interior products manufacturers” in the industry.

Nothing but the best for our overlords. Nothing but the worst for American veterans. Vets get healthcare that you wouldn't give to a dog. IRS political operatives get 1,200 dollar chairs.

That's life in Obamerica. And considering how progressive the IRS is, they deserve it.

66: The IRS score, out of 100, in a measure of employee morale by the federal Office of Personnel and Management.

76.6: The score in the Office of the Inspector General for Tax Administration, making it the 13th best place to work in government. This is the office that exposed special IRS audits of tea party and conservative groups.

85.7: The blissful score of the U.S. Army Audit Agency, which topped the survey.

65.5: Percentage of the IRS workforce that is female. In contrast, women make up only 43.5 percent of the federal civilian labor force and 46.8 percent of the civilian workforce. IRS employees are less likely to be white, 57 percent, compared with 66 percent in the federal bureaucracy overall and 73 percent of the civilian workforce.


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