Is South Africa About to Get a Lot Worse?

"There will never be a white genocide under our rule."


Well yes. Obviously. After the usual post-election riots (which are now mandatory) and the usual discovery of massive ANC voter fraud, the snapshot is interesting in a mostly bad way.

The ANC is slowly beginning to fade so if it is to maintain its corrupt oligarchy, it's going to have to either become fully totalitarian, Mugabe style, or cut a deal with extremists who make it look good.

Twenty years have passed since South Africa’s first democratic election, and 24 since Nelson Mandela walked free. Yet last week the ruling African National Congress still used Mr. Mandela’s photo as its symbol on the ballot instead of President Jacob Zuma’s, recognizing that the party’s popularity was being sullied by a president caught in a web of corruption charges.

Rape alone didn't sully his image. But now Zuma will run under the Eternal Mandela who rules over South Africa forever... even though Mandela had come to despise what the ANC had become.

The A.N.C. won with 62 percent, down from over 65 percent in 2009...

The hitherto white-dominated Democratic Alliance finished second, with 22 percent of the national vote. It devoted a great amount of its resources to breaking out of its Western Cape stronghold and targeted Gauteng Province, which includes the huge metropolis of Johannesburg and neighboring Pretoria. It put money behind its candidate for the premiership of Gauteng, Mmusi Maimane, who is young, handsome and black.

Echoing Barack Obama, he asked for a mandate to move beyond history and toward an agenda of technocratic planning for the benefit of all.

Mr. Maimane’s was not the only youthful face. Those who deserted the A.N.C. or were expelled clustered around Julius Malema and his populist Economic Freedom Fighters, standing on a platform of radical redistribution...

The E.F.F. became the nation’s third-largest party, with 6 percent. And it gained huge leverage over Johannesburg, reducing the A.N.C.’s share of the urban vote to 53 percent...

Since a two-thirds majority is needed to push through radical constitutional changes, everyone is looking at the A.N.C.’s 62 percent and the E.F.F.’s 6 percent and wondering whether there could be a compromise on the nationalization of land and mining that paves the way for an A.N.C. reunion.

Malema is unsubtle about the whole killing white people thing.

Social media buzzed on Monday over a picture of a banner allegedly shown at the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) launch in Marikana.

A picture showing a red banner with the words “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate” was quickly shared on various social networks on Monday.

Another picture shows a banner saying "Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa".

On the other hand, Malema is promising "No white genocide." Read his lips.

"I do not hate white people. I want us to share in the countries (sic) wealth which is in the hands of the minority," he said in an online chat on social networking site Facebook on Tuesday.

"There will never be a white genocide under our rule."

Some politicians promise no new taxes. South Africa has gotten so bad that its third largest party promises no white genocide.