Iran: Not Letting Us Have Nukes is Apartheid

Also Iran won't accept Sarin Apartheid, Weaponized Ebola Apartheid


It began with Terrorist Apartheid. Not allowing Hamas terrorists to cross from Gaza into Israel to kill Israelis was declared... Apartheid.

Now Iran has invented Nuclear Apartheid. If you don't let a terrorist theocracy get nukes so they can kill all their non-Muslim and Muslim enemies... it's Apartheid.

Rowhani said Iran does not seek to produce nuclear weapons, in remarks made during a speech aired live on state television.

Sure. That's why a country soaked in oil and obsessed with weapons, which collaborated on WMD projects with Syria, wants to go nuclear. And that's why it's building ICBMs for purely peaceful purposes. Because how else are you going to peacefully ship nuclear technology to Israel or the US unless you can load it on an ICBM?

"We have nothing to put on the table and offer to them but transparency. That's it. Our nuclear technology is not up for negotiation," Rowhani said.

“Iran will not retreat one step in the field of nuclear technology... we will not accept nuclear apartheid,” he said.

Also they won't accept Sarin Apartheid, Weaponized Ebola Apartheid and Mustard Gas Apartheid.

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