Glenn Greenwald's Website Will Spy on You Unless You Ask Him Not To

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Terrorist supporter and RT star Glenn Greenwald wrote a book about Edward Snowden and how wrong it it to spy on people.

So the GlennGreenwald site, run by one of the world's largest publishing companies in the world (you can tell a fake radical from a real radical, real radicals don't have websites run by the von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group aka Macmillan Books) you would think, would spying on its users.

It could have announced that in keeping with the theme of Greenwald's book it would not track visitors or collect any personal information on them. It would have a hollow publicity stunt, but websites that really push privacy do that.

Instead the website has a long and generic privacy notice explaining exactly how much it respects visitors and how it spies on them.

We do not sell, rent, trade or otherwise disclose personal information about our website visitors, except as described here.

Well that's a relief... but wait...

In addition, we may share information about you with non-affiliated third parties whose products or services may be of interest to you. These third parties may contact you about their products and services.

...but you can opt out of being spammed by anybody that GlennGreenwald sells you information to,

We will not share your information with these third parties for their own marketing purposes if you request that we not do so.

except you really can't...

We may, however, engage in joint marketing activities with selected third parties and may share personal information about our website visitors with them.

And internally doesn't mean Henry Holt, it means the entire vast international publishing group.

We may share the information you provide with companies that are related to Henry Holt through common ownership.

Also GlennGreenwald, the website at least, will cooperate with any law enforcement requests for personal information about its visitors.

And your information is their property now and they can and will resell it along with any other corporate assets.

We reserve the right to transfer any information we have about you in the event we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets.

Still at least there's a way to opt out...

We give you the option of requesting that we not share personal information about you with third parties that are unrelated by common ownership with Henry Holt for marketing use. Click here to send us an e-mail with your name and e-mail address(es) if you DO NOT want us to share your personal information with unrelated third parties for their own marketing use.

But if you send them your email...

"Contact Us"
You may choose to contact us through our website. If you e-mail us comments or questions, we will have your e-mail address, as well as any other information you choose to provide.

Email us and then we'll have your email so we don't have your email. This sounds positively like a Nigerian scam.

But none of this even matters because...

We may change or update portions of this Privacy Notice at any time and without prior notice to you.

Now buy Glenn Greenwald's book about the evil surveillance state.