College Bans Fencing Team from Practicing w/their "Weapons"

Zero tolerance insanity has taken over every campus.

Not a lethal weapon Not a lethal weapon

I've done some fencing and I can tell you that the "weapons" involved are to actual blades as cap guns are to rifles.

The most dangerous thing about them is the risk of the tip snapping off and hitting someone. It's more of a risk in North Dakota where it gets really cold.

But zero tolerance insanity has taken over every campus.

"The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU...understands our fencing equipment as weapons," says the club's coach Enrique Alvarez.

Alvarez has been fencing since his early teens. He says despite their appearance, the foils, epees and sabers they use don't have sharp edges or points.

"This is a spring and a flat tip that if you press the spring against the body of the other person, will be awarded a point," he demonstrates.

Nonetheless, NDSU's Police and Safety Office Director Ray Boyer cited the school's policy manual and Code of Student Behavior, saying sabers and swords are prohibited on campus:

"They are deemed weapons, and as such, possession or use on University owned or controlled property is prohibited," he says.

And that's the striking feature of our imploding society. A vast system where everyone follows manuals, no matter how senseless they are. It's how we've gotten so close to a police state.

There's no room for sanity or common sense. No one says, "This is ridiculous. We shouldn't do it." Instead they go right back to the manual without even bothering to listen.