Obama "Wishes" He Could Move a Million Voters from New York to Nebraska

And by wishes, he means he would like to find ways to do it.


And by wishes, he means he would like to find ways to do it.

President Obama told attendees at a high-dollar Manhattan fundraiser Wednesday night that the Democratic Party would be in better shape if he "could just get a million surplus votes in Brooklyn" and move them to Nebraska, where Tea Party conservatives scored a major win in Tuesday's primary.

Complaining that he had a "drawerful" of things left to do, the president said he had been stymied because "Washington doesn't work."

When Obama says "Washington doesn't work", he means that he doesn't have absolute power. But can he move a million people from Brooklyn to Nebraska?

That might be tricky, but illegal alien amnesty does help create votes. Nebraska has been having a problem with illegal aliens. The number of illegal aliens increased 40 percent since 2000.

Illegal aliens now account for around 2.4 percent of the population. That's not 1 million people. That would thoroughly overrun the state. But 45,000 is also a start in a small state.

Romney won Nebraska by 175,000 votes. It's not hard to see how those numbers could be chipped away at with even a limited population shift.