Saudis Protest Camel Kissing Ban by Kissing Camels

Nearly 500 people in the kingdom have been infected.


Saudi Twitter is very different than regular Twitter. Regular Twitter is obsessed with Solange. Saudi Twitter is full of pictures of people kissing camels. (via Religion of Peace)

People are taking photos and videos of themselves kissing camels in defiance of a warning from Saudi health authorities not to go near the animals, which have been linked to the deadly Mers virus.

In recent days, Saudi Arabia has urged people to wear masks and gloves when dealing with camels, to stay away from raw camel meat and camel milk, and not to go near sick animals, the newspaper Gulf News reports. But some people have refused to listen to the government's advice, posting videos and sending messages in support of camels.

Saudi Arabia is the country by far most affected by Mers, with 133 deaths since the virus was detected in 2012. Nearly 500 people in the kingdom have been infected.

Apparently that's not enough. And these are the people who control our foreign policy. And are helping spread a virus that may end up decimating their own country.