60 Minutes' Kroft Says Iran Isn't Building a Bomb, Praises its Welfare System

"We didn't talk to anybody who believes they're building a bomb."


60 Minutes continues its consistent track record of praising the Iranian regime and lying about its intentions. Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes interviewed Steve Kroft, also of 60 Minutes, about his 60 Minutes story on Iran.

If this sounds like a conflict of interest, welcome to CBS News. It's where journalism goes to die.

Steve Kroft made it clear that his story was going to be straight Iranian nuclear propaganda without even a hint of truth creeping into it.

In 2007, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley – then a 60 Minutes correspondent – sat down for an interview with Rouhani's predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hailed the dictator as "incorruptible" and "modest."

And 60 Minutes doesn't change. It's the same charade of fake journalism as ever.

ROSE: This sounds like a fascinating trip. Sum up for us what you found in terms of the mood, attitude, feeling of the Iranian people.

KROFT: Well, I think the tone has changed, that's the biggest thing. When you look back just a little over a year ago and you had Ahmadinejad, and now you've got Rouhani and the people around him who are much different, they're – they're sort of pragmatists. And you get the sense that, "Let's stop all the bad talk. Let's just see if we can get a few things accomplished here."

Wait... but wasn't Ahmadinejad modest and incorruptible? Kroft acts like he doesn't know that Rouhani is just a puppet for Iran's religious leadership, just like Ahmadinejad was, until he began going off script.

But that's 60 Minutes. Sixty minutes of lies.

Co-host Charlie Rose asked: "Attitude towards America?"

Kroft said: Attitudes toward westerners, I think they have – they're very friendly towards them. I think that they have a – they like them. If you're talking about the foreign policy of the United States, they'll tell you, "Then we have big problems with it. But we have nothing against Americans. We want to see westerners." I think that they're sick and tired of the isolation and they really do not want a war.

Iranians may not want a war, but what they want doesn't matter. Iran is a totalitarian regime with rigged elections.

They don't believe – we didn't talk to anybody who believes they're building a bomb. That the supreme leader has dictated that it's against their religion, you know, and that a fatwa was issued. It's on his website. "Why don't they believe us?"

That must be why Iran insists on building rockets to carry the bombs that don't exist.

And the Fatwa is a scam. Even the Washington Post's fact checker was unconvinced. Not to mention that there are tons of Fatwas against terrorism that also mean nothing. Islamic leaders are expert at violating the spirit of their own laws while keeping to the text.

Iran's religious law bans executing virgins. So they just rape the girls and then they execute them.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran it is illegal to execute a woman if she is a virgin, the former guard said.

So the Government arranges "wedding" ceremonies to be conducted the night before executions, and prisoners are forced to have sexual intercourse with a guard.

Raped by her new "husband," a female prisoner is now fit to be put to death.

Some of the prisoners in his care were drugged with sleeping pills to make them docile, as the girls in their custody always fought back, he said, fearing the night of the rape more deeply than their executions the following day.

"I remember hearing them cry and scream after (the rape) was over," he told the paper.

That's what any Iranian religious law is worth. There's always a brutal workaround. Maybe Steve Kroft should have talked to some of the female survivors of Iran's prisons.

"So it's – they feel like they've already made the concessions, and I think that they're – what they want – I think the sanctions have hurt, but they're prepared to sacrifice a lot more if they have to, to keep the nuclear program, the peaceful – what they call peaceful nuclear program – because they don't want it dictated to them."

Iran doesn't have a peaceful nuclear program. It's an oil rich country. It doesn't need a civilian nuclear program.

 GAYLE KING: I would like to know what it was like there because I think for most Americans, what we know about Iran is what we see on TV. Even the word "regime" is a scary word to a lot of people. You think terrorism, you think frightening. Were you afraid? Did you ever feel in danger?

KROFT: No, it's not like that. It's like going to – you know, it's just a big international capital. We saw no – we saw two military people.

This isn't anything new. Lefty reporters have been doing these propaganda broadcasts for ages, for Nazi Germany, for the USSR, for Cuba and even the Viet Cong.

Nothing changes. Certainly not on 60 Minutes.