Harry Reid Denounces Billionaires Not Giving Him $$$, Praises Billionaire Giving Him $5 Mil

Harry Reid wants to get money out of politics, other people's politics.


Harry Reid wants to get money out of politics, other people's politics, and into his own politics. He wants to stop billionaires from buying any politician who isn't him.

Dirty Harry reminds me of what the Democratic Party used to be... a collection of apolitical shameless crooks with one hand in your pocket and the other at your throat.

The event showcased a new film by left-wing videomaker Robert Greenwald, who screened clips from Koch Brothers Exposed in the Capitol Visitors Center on Tuesday evening.

All parties involved in the event denied that it was political. However, the event hyperbolically attacked libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch—they are “stomping on poor people,” the film claimed—and Reid used the occasion to heap praise on Democrats’ high-dollar political donors.

“I’m very happy that there are people out there willing to spend some money to focus on things like” the Keystone XL pipeline, Reid said at the event. “We need people like Tom Steyer.”

If the Koch Brothers, like Tom Steyer, gave Harry Reid's "Keep Me Majority Leader" Senate Majority SuperPAC 5 million bucks, I think Harry would learn to love the Koch Brothers.

Harry is an honest politician. He is honestly for sale.