Is This the End for Obama Inc?

OFA has cut its employees in half, but I wouldn't count it out yet.


Obama Inc. is standing down a bit with midterm elections coming up. But power hungry little despots don't like to give up power.

OFA was designed to essentially be the Obama presidential campaign, made eternal. "Obama For America" became the non-profit "Organizing For Action" early last year, with the hope of continuing the campaign's energy, organizing, and fundraising prowess to generate support for the president's policy positions. The group raised millions of dollars to hire organizers to hold events across the country — largely in the blue states where Obama's most fervent supporters already lived.

On Tuesday, The Post obtained an e-mail sent by the group's development director telling top donors that OFA would stop asking for large contributions after May 31. The rationale is obvious: With the approaching November elections, Democratic candidates and political PACs that are also seeking money from those donors would be increasingly frustrated if OFA were also asking for checks. OFA is not seeking out "new major donors" after the end of the month, according to the e-mail, "because we know that many of our financial supporters' focus will naturally shift to the midterm elections in which we do not participate."

OFA has cut its employees in half, but I wouldn't count it out yet. It was a useful tool for pushing ObamaCare welfare enrollment. The next big push will be for illegal alien amnesty and OFA has already been involved in targeting conservative congressmen over it. Illegal alien amnesty means even more for the future of the Democratic Party and its leftist hijackers than socialized medicine.

When the real big push for amnesty kicks off, OFA will be a major player. And if enough Republicans collaborate on amnesty, then there will be a big issue push after that too. Most likely a national carbon tax. And OFA will be there too.

What will OFA do if Obama steps down eventually? There's no reason it has to go away. Not if Obama's cult of personality lives on. Even outside the White House, he can use it as a new media version of the clunky Clintonworld foundation and CGI that the Clintons used as political props. Even if Obama doesn't try to shove his wife into the Senate and White House, he will remain a major political player and profit from it.