Hillary Clinton Already in Control of Democratic Members of Benghazi Panel

"Clinton emissaries launched a back channel campaign"

hillary clinton what difference does it make

This is exactly the type of corruption and pandering that caused this administration's many scandals. The Democratic Party suffers from a complete lack of basic accountability. Its first instinct is to lie and cover up.

Hillary Clinton’s world was so worried about a Republican investigation of the Benghazi attacks, they sent a message to House Democrats: We need backup.

So Clinton emissaries launched a back channel campaign, contacting several House Democratic lawmakers and aides to say they’d prefer Democrats participate, according to sources familiar with the conversations.

Hillary Clinton stacked the first investigation of Benghazi with her people. Now she has managed to do it in Congress.

“Republicans are making it clear they plan to use the power of the Benghazi Select Committee to continue to politicize the tragedy that occurred in Benghazi, which is exactly why Democratic participation in the committee is vital,” a Democrat close to Clinton world said. “Inevitably, witnesses ranging from Secretary Clinton to Secretary [John] Kerry will be subpoenaed to testify, and the Democrats appointed to the committee will help restore a level of sanity to the hearings, which would otherwise exist solely as a political witch hunt.”

So we've got the Clinton-Dem talking points on the table. They don't intend to investigate the murder of four Americans in any way. They are there to protect Hillary Clinton and accuse any investigators of being crazies engaged in a witch hunt.

If Clinton testifies, it will almost certainly be one of the blockbuster moments for the committee and an important prelude as she considers a second run for the White House.

She can pound the table some more and shriek, "What difference does it make anyway."

Pelosi picked Reps. Linda Sanchez and Adam Schiff of California, Adam Smith of Washington state and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois to fill the panel. Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, will serve as ranking member.

Cummings became notorious for his frenzied obstructionism and tantrums. Linda Sanchez can blame the Vietnamese. Again.

Tammy Duckworth will be there to provide cover for the anti-military party as a token.

New York Rep. Eliot Engel said Democrats “shouldn’t allow” the investigation to be “made about one person.

“I think the American public feels that Hillary Clinton did an outstanding job as secretary of state and if Republicans are using Benghazi to blemish her record, I don’t think it will stick,” Engel said.

That must be why no one can seem to name anything Clinton did in office... except Benghazi.