New Yorker Votes 14 Times After Death

They knew she was an avid voter, but she's been dead since 1997.


No word on who he voted for, but there is one party that is committed to fighting for the rights of the undead to vote while denouncing any Voter ID measure as racist.

Evelyn E. Burwell's family was surprised to learn she voted in the 2012 general and primary elections. They knew she was an avid voter, but she's been dead since 1997.

Burwell is one of about 6,100 deceased people still registered to vote in Nassau County, a Newsday computer analysis shows. The former Wantagh resident, who died at age 74, is also among roughly 270 people that records show voted in Nassau County after dying, a group that includes a man who voted 14 times since his death.

John Burwell, Evelyn Burwell's son, said he will ensure his mother is removed from the rolls. Burwell, 66, of Levittown, said someone should be held accountable for the condition of the voter rolls.

Newsday is insisting that it's all bunch of accidents and coincidences, but to believe that you have to also believe that another Evelyn Burwell suddenly showed up in the area. It's far more likely that the difficulty cleaning up voter rolls and the bans against voter IDs are being exploited by the same party that is fighting against any voter roll cleanups or voter IDs.