Man Who No One Wants to Hear From has Thoughts on EU Election

"What Europe must do now is unite its forces and declare a war against all of the racist parties"


After we have heard from everyone that mattered on the EU elections, it's time to hear from someone who doesn't.

Yossi Beilin is Israel's own Dennis Kucinich, except he once used to have actual political power. There are few men who have done more to undermine Israel. And it's natural for Beilin to be worried about the EU considering how much of Israel's left depends on it. If the EU were to go away, Israel's left would suddenly lose a major source of its funding.

"No to European fascism," Beilin proclaims. But it ought to be remembered that Beilin, like most of the Israeli left, is incapable of distinguishing fascism from populism and thinks that anyone to the right of Lenin is a fascist.

"Nothing was shocking in Europe's recent parliamentary elections, save the surprise itself," he writes. This is typically ponderous gibberish that sounds meaningful, but is actually meaningless.

"If you had taken a walk through the halls of the EU parliament or commission, you would have seen several individuals packing up their desks because it was clear to them that their seats would be occupied by the far right wing, much of which refuses to believe in the EU's right to exist."

Beilin apparently spends a lot of time prowling the halls of EU buildings. That's not shocking, except for the surprise itself.

But does the EU have some innate right to exist? Why should it and what would it be based on?

"The EU startled itself. Especially France. It is asking itself, what happened? Where did we go wrong? And, mostly, what do we do now?"

But don't waste time on that nonsense.

"Truthfully, there is absolutely no need to set off on an extensive soul-searching session."

Whew. Crisis averted. Let no lessons be learned.

"What must happen now, urgently, is for the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats -- the center-Left and center-Right -- to come together in order to stand tall against the third that is extremist, anti-Europe, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic and, most importantly, anti-democratic."

But... these were democratic elections.

The European left, of which the Israeli left is a subset, however uses democratic not to mean popular, but possessing democratic socialist values. It's telling that Beilin asserts that opposition to democratic socialism is worse than anti-Semitism.

It really tells you whose side he's on.

The Islamic and the EU pillars that Beilin cites are also anti-Semitic.

"Europe knows well what happens when its economic situation is uncertain, while unemployment rises and the anti-democratic voice starts to prevail... We cannot let this situation happen again. Germany is a fine example. Austria too. The two responsible actors in their political systems found common ground without much effort, and they have been working together for the sake of economic growth and against racism and extremism."

I'm just as confused as you are. One time I went into a bakery to buy a roll and alligators migrate mainly in the spring.

"What Europe must do now is unite its forces and declare a war against all of the racist parties swearing that they're neither neo-Nazis nor Fascists, really, but simply nationalist (some of them even love Israel and seek our companionship whether as Jews or Israelis)"

Europe must declare war against the racists who insist that they aren't and love Israel.

This train of thought makes sense if you really hate Israel and love the EU... which Beilin does.

"The impassioned ideological struggle that existed between Left and Right until mythological British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's disappearance has faded."

Thatcher was a myth? That explains why she disappeared. Did she fade like a magical being of light?

"It is completely obvious in the countries of Scandinavia or in Germany, and France and Great Britain have shown manifest signs. "

This sentence tangled and left inexplicable is.

"Instead of forming a coalition with extremist parties, now is the time when it is still possible to boycott, shun and say: Fascism in Europe will not do."

Somehow Beilin's English grows worse the more he writes. If this article had run for another page, he would have been reduced to writing pictographs with his own bodily fluids. But that would have matched his writing to his thinking.

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