Obama Finally Sends the Marines to Libya

It's a bit late to do much good


It's a bit late to do much good and the timing is certainly curious. Libya has been in a civil war all along. General Hifter's campaign against Islamic militias has escalated events somewhat, but it's not as if it was safe before with the Shield militias in the capital.

It's not unusual to make these kinds of evac preparations, but the timing is peculiar. Assuming that Obama knows what he's doing then he's sending a message to the pro-Western business elements in Libya who have been backing Hifter that the US will disengage if Hifter takes over. On the other hand the mere presence of US forces in the area suggests to the Islamists that the US is with Hifter. It's not a point that occurred to whomever is running things these days, but it should have.

The USS Bataan, with about 1,000 Marines aboard, has sailed into the Mediterranean Sea to assist in evacuating Americans if deadly fighting in Libya worsens, U.S. military officials said Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, the State Department called for all U.S. citizens to immediately leave Libya, saying the security situation in the country "remains unpredictable and unstable."

And that's something new? Has the situation ever been predictable or stable since Obama decided to bomb the country?

The fighting is taking place in the capital city of Tripoli, where renegade Libyan Gen. Khalifa Hifter is waging an offensive against Islamists.

Hifter began his so-called "Dignity Operation" more than 10 days ago to crush Islamist militias and their political backers.

What's so-called about it? That's the name he's calling it by. Do we really need the editorial commentary?

But that's the media these days. Somehow we don't tend to hear about Obama's so-called Hope and Change or the Muslim Brotherhood as a so-called moderate organization.