PLO and Hamas Still Unable to Make Peace w/Each Other... Let Alone Israel

The so-called Palestinians can't make peace with each other.

Not even the holy 8-ball of Islam can help Not even the holy 8-ball of Islam can help

The unity agreement was a convenient way for the PLO and Hamas to sabotage Kerry's aggressive peace process push. Neither side trusts each other... and with good reason.

Pluralism, forget about the religious or ethnic kind, but even of the political kind, is not much of a value in the Muslim world.

Both Fatah and Hamas have their own elites and their own thugs and their own economic systems of bribery and shakedowns. They have no intention of splitting the different.

Hamas wants the West Bank. Fatah wants Gaza back. Not only can't any of them reach a compromise with Israel, they can't even manage to reach a compromise with each other.

The two parties have still not agreed on three major issues concerning the implementation of the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal that was signed in the Gaza Strip last month.

The sources told the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper that one of the obstacles hindering the formation of the unity government is related to the status of the Palestinian security forces.

Hamas has rejected the idea of permitting Fatah-dominated security forces to return to the Gaza Strip, they said.

The second obstacle centers on PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Habbash.

Abbas insists on keeping Habbash in his job, while Hamas says it won’t sit in any government with him.

Habbash is a former Hamas representative who defected from the organization several years ago and has since been an outspoken critic of the Islamist movement.

Hamas wants to use religious indoctrination to undermine Fatah and it doesn't trust the PLO's militias not to go after it in Gaza.

Both Hamas and Fatah are maneuvering for position against each other. This unity deal is just another ceasefire in which both sides maneuver for advantage. It's also the only kind of peace deal that Israel can have with either side.

The so-called Palestinians can't make peace with each other. They certainly can't make peace with Israel.

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