Did Obama Inc. Work to Stage a Micro Coup in Israel over Iran?

Israel’s supporters have been wondering why Israel hasn’t struck Iran’s nuclear installations


This is a piece from the Center's own Caroline Glick and it shows what a myth the tale of Israeli influence over the US is. The influence goes from the stronger party to the weaker party.

If true, this involves a conspiracy using Israel's President and military leaders against its Prime Minister and Secretary of Defense. In a larger story on Peres' legacy, there is this.

For years, many Israelis as well as Israel’s supporters in the US, the Sunni Arab states in the Persian Gulf and even the French have been scratching their heads wondering why Israel hasn’t struck Iran’s nuclear installations yet. Over the past few months, we received our answer.

The ongoing police investigation into allegedly illegal conduct by then-IDF Chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has revealed the source of Israel’s paralysis.

Apparently led by Peres, the triumvirate of security chiefs serving between 2008 and 2011 – Ashkenazi, then-Mossad director Meir Dagan and then-Shin Bet director Avi Dichter – colluded to undermine Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s and then-defense minister Ehud Barak’s legal authority to order Israel’s security forces to take action against Iran.

According to a Haaretz report on Wednesday, between 2008 and 2011, the four men leaked plans and discussions of possible Israeli strikes on Iran to the media in order to prevent them from being carried out. The four men opposed an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear installations and stridently rejected any Israeli operation not coordinated with the US.

Ashkenazi and his associates are being investigated by the police for crimes associated with criminal insubordination to Israel’s elected leadership. Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein ordered the police probe in January after information unearthed by the media and by the State Comptroller’s Office raised strong suspicions of a conspiracy led by Ashkenazi to usurp the powers of the government.

According to media reports of the investigation, the police have discovered tape recordings of numerous telephone conversations between Ashkenazi and Peres. According to Channel 1 and Haaretz, Peres’s attorney requested that Weinstein prohibit the publication of the details of phone conversations.

Haaretz’s report didn’t specifically state that the conversations in question related to actions by Peres and the security chiefs to prevent military operations against Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But the same day the report appeared, Amir Oren, Haaretz’s senior commentator, published an article praising Peres for preventing Israel from attacking Iran.

Oren wrote, “Peres’s involvement in blocking the Iranian adventure [i.e., a military attack against Iran’s nuclear installations] is… the most important action he took as president.”

As Amnon Lord wrote last December in Makor Rishon, Peres’s role in the security chiefs’ conspiracy to prevent Netanyahu and Barak from ordering a strike against Iran’s nuclear installations was to provide “pseudo-constitutional and pseudo- moral support” for their unlawful subversion.

The four men were very likely not acting by themselves. Lord argued that the Obama administration was a fifth partner in this criminal conspiracy.

The US was represented in its efforts by the then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen. Mullen visited Israel almost every month during this period and constantly praised Ashkenazi’s leadership publicly.

As Lord noted, these trips were reciprocated by Ashkenazi and then-Military Intelligence commander Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin who flew regularly to Washington.

For the Americans, Lord wrote, the point of cultivating these ties was “to influence the IDF’s high command and cut it off from the political leadership of Israel.”

Bill Clinton helped force Netanyahu out of office the first time out, so that's not unprecedented, but this is both bigger and deeper. It amounts to a micro coup and a subversion of the entire structure of Israel's government.

Israeli investigations of top politicians, both real and fake, are a dime a dozen, and it can often be hard to know what is and isn't true. Israeli politicians are corrupt, but its police, judiciary and prosecutors are even worse.

The country is stuck in a prolonged battle of the left and the right in which the left controls much of the mechanisms of government while the right wins populist elections. Throw in oligarchs and it's not pretty.

Ashkenazi though is a slimy character and a year ago he was talking a whole lot like Obama.

Former IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi said the world must not remain passive over the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons, and that President Bashar Assad himself must be held responsible

The former IDF general suggested a range of action, from upping support for rebel groups to imposing a no-fly zone on parts of Syria. Ashkenazi made it clear that the time has come to arm the rebels, a course of action the US is considering and several European countries already support.

For a former Israeli general to suggest arming Syrian rebels borders on treason. It's one thing providing medical aid, but it's another to do something like that.

Ashkenazi also gave a guarded response to questions about media reports that in 2010 he refused a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to raise the IDF’s war readiness in preparation for an attack on Iran. The incident was seen as an indication that the security establishment does not back Netanyahu’s bold threats that Israel is prepared to go it alone in a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“That is factually wrong,” Asheknazi said but would not expand on exactly what transpired at the time, saying only that it was a matter of timing and that, in his opinion, the military option is the last option.