New York Times Wants Google to Fire Asians for Diversity

Google can only accomplish that by firing its Asian employees and replacing them with blacks

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Maybe just call them White Asians and that will make it okay.

The New York Times and assorted liberal activists are complaining that Google is too white. And by too white, they mean less white than the national average.

Non-Hispanic whites are 61 percent of the Google work force, slightly below the national average. (That average, according to 2006-10 numbers, is 67 percent.) Google is thus less white than the typical American company.

But the New York Times is unhappy...

Google’s disclosures come amid an escalating debate over the lack of diversity in the tech industry. Although tech is a key driver of the economy and makes products that many Americans use everyday, it does not come close to reflecting the demographics of the country — in terms of sex, age or race.

Google needs to fix this by hiring a lot of older black ladies. But how diverse is the New York Times anyway? Not very.

But there's an easy solution. Google can fix its demographics by firing Asians.

Google can only accomplish that by firing well over three-quarters of its Asian employees, and replacing them with blacks and Hispanics (and a few whites, to bring white numbers up from 61 percent to 67 percent).

This is what multiculturalism on crack ends up looking like. Diversity quotas kill meritocracy and replace it with diversity hires who are there to represent a racial group, not to do their jobs well. And it hurts minorities because it discourages ambition.

Achieving a proper racial balance at Google would require firing lots of Asians. Is that really empowering diversity?