Qatar Bought 2022 World Cup for $5 Million in Bribes

Qatar's Al Jazeera however insists that they did nothing wrong.


How much does it cost an Islamic tyranny linked to terrorists to buy a World Cup? It's a bargain at a mere $5 million FIFA officials are even cheaper than Olympic officials.

In the investigation by The Sunday Times, the newspaper claims to have obtained millions of secret documents from a Fifa insider that prove Mohamed Bin Hammam made payments totalling $US5 million to football officials in return for support of Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid.

Bin Hammam made dozens of payments of up to $200,000 (147,000 euros) to top football officials to secure votes for Qatar. He allegedly deposited the money through slush funds into accounts controlled by the presidents of 30 African football associations. He also allegedly hosted lavish events for African officials where he also handed out almost $400,000 in cash.

Bin Hammam resigned from his post in 2012 after being caught up in a corruption scandal surrounding his failed campaign for FIFA presidency in 2011.

The newspaper also accused Bin Hammam of funneling more than $1.6 million into bank accounts controlled by Jack Warner, the former vice-president of FIFA, $450,000 of which was paid before the vote for the World Cup, the Sunday Times said.

Warner resigned in 2011 to avoid investigation in a bribery scandal linked to Bin Hammam's campaign for FIFA president. Warner was one of 22 people who awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 tournament to Qatar.

Warner denies these claims saying that they are” baseless allegations based on innuendoes” and said the money he received from Bin Hammam was to help with losses he suffered during an earthquake in China.

The paper also alleges it has documents which prove Bin Hammam paid 305,000 euros ($446,959) to cover Oceania's FIFA executive committee member Reynald Temarii's legal expenses.

Temarii, from Tahiti, was unable to vote in the contest as he had already been suspended by Fifa after he was caught out by a Sunday Times sting asking bogus American bid officials for money in return for his support.

Qatar's Al Jazeera however insists that they did nothing wrong. Even if this forces a revote that goes against Qatar, the same practices will keep being implemented.

A few thousand workers may not die building up the infrastructure for the World Cup, but they'll die for some other event that Qatar lures in. Qatar's regime is rolling in money and it buys and corrupts anyone it wants.

That's how it got Al Jazeera launched as a cable channel in the US. If it can  buy a former Vice President, is there anyone it can't buy?