Woodward: Unanswered Questions About Hillary and Benghazi Remain

"Did she keep a diary?”


Look for Media Matters to denounce crazy Benghazi conspiracy theorist Bob Woodward.

Washington Post writer Bob Woodward said Sunday that he doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton when she says the Benghazi investigation is all about politics, claiming there are still “serious, unanswered questions about this.”

Woodward spoke on a “Fox News Sunday” panel about a leaked chapter from former Secretary of State Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” which addresses the September 11, 2012 attacks on State Department personnel in Benghazi, Libya.

But the well-known scandal hound disagreed with that interpretation.

“The issue is, is there new information out there?” Woodward explained. “And one of the questions I have — and I think there are serious, unanswered questions about this — did she keep a diary?”

Hillary probably does keep a diary, but you would have an easier time prying a mirror out of Obama's hands than a diary out of her hands.

I'm also not sure how much it would tell us. The State Department was derelict in its duty before the attack. We know that, but it wouldn't likely make its way into Hillary's diary. Afterward there might be brief references to massaging the talking points or jailing the filmmaker, but again the odds of getting any such diary would be very long indeed.