Halal Jihadist Plotting to Kill US Soldiers Ran New York's Most Disgusting Pizza Place

Insects, rodents, Jihadists and child sex grooming at Halal Mojoes Chicken.

The mojo wasn't with Mufid Elfgeeh when he plotted to kill American soldiers. While according to Islam his actions may have been Halal, according to the FBI the actions of the Halal Mojoes Chicken & Pizza operator were Haram and they busted him.

On his LinkedIn page, Elfgeeh  described his expertise in one word "Pizza", but on his Twitter he expanded on his Islamic interests.

In one Tweet, he announced his allegiance with al-Qaida, writing, "al-Qaida said it loud and clear; we are fighting the American invasion and their hegemony over the earth and the people," authorities say.

Other Tweets encouraged the donation of money for jihadists, and, while advocating martyrdom, Elfgeeh claimed al-Qaida and jihadists are the world's true Muslims.

In the aftermath of the December terrorist attack on a mall in Kenya, Elfgeeh told the second informant that, "I'm thinking about just go buy a big automatic gun from off the street ... and just put on a vest or whatever and just go around and start shooting," the affidavit states.

In March, Elfgeeh apparently narrowed his plans to killing returning soldiers, authorities allege. He noted how a French-Algerian man had killed three French military members.

Elfgeeh told the informant, who'd indicated he could buy him firearms, that he could figure out who returning military members were from online searches.

Negotiations over possible weapons purchases continued into April and May. The conversations were recorded. Elfgeeh also inquired about prices for hand grenades, "the type that one would throw at someone as you are driving a car."

Not only was Mufid Elfgeeh an Al Qaeda supporting terrorist, but his Halal shack was apparently a biological weapon.


Inspections found that its hygiene level was that of his native Yemen.

Insects, rodents present

Living quarters not completely separated for food service operations, live animals, birds and pets not excluded

Cooked or prepared foods are subject to cross-contamination from raw foods.

Floors, walls, ceilings, not smooth, properly constructed, in disrepair, dirty surfaces

Insects, rodents and Jihadists presents.
So Elfgeeh would probably have killed more people if he had stuck with running Halal Mojoes Chicken & Pizza. The reviews are even grimmer.

Michael Marciano

Nasty, nasty, nasty. Nasty food, our sub was wrapped in tinfoil and it got all stuck together. Our pizza sub was bread with way too much sauce poured over it, 3 pieces of pepperoni and some cheese melted to the tinfoil. The chicken was dried out, NO SPICES?! Bland and just worthless. We asked for wedges and got regular french fries. The woman taking orders had a nasty attitude and it took them over 30 minutes to cook this "food"! NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT GO HERE!

Since MoJoe's is listed as closed, apparently no one ever will. But no story about Muslim businesses would be complete without child sex grooming.

Taha Alashwal 34 years old has been arrested TWICE for allegedly raping two young boys. He was first arrested in April of 2011 for raping a then 15-year-old boy back in 2006, Onondaga County in Syracuse, NY. The charges placed against him at the time were,  felony criminal sex acts and sex abuse.

In the Monroe County case, Alashwal is accused of befriending the boy, giving him gifts and a part-time job at a restaurant Alashwal owns there, said Rossi. That business is called MoJoe’s Pizzeria, various locations throughout Rochester, NY.

So far MoJoe's has been associated with pedophilia and Al Qaeda. Halal, it's not good for you. Or anyone.